Hardened tempered steel strip bend test jig

Flux - 1 In refining, a material used to remove undesirable substances as a molten mixture. Alloys with higher carbon contents are always termed steels. Cerium is one of the rare earth elements used to make carbon arc lights which are used in the motion picture industry for studio lighting and projector lights. Hard Chromium Chromium deposited for engineering purposes, such as increasing the wear resistance of sliding metal surfaces, rather than as a decorative coating. Deoxidation - 1 Removal of oxygen from molten metals by use of suitable chemical agents. May be deliberately induced by the addition of oxidizing material to a bath containing excess carbon.
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Know what governs the minimum bend radius

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Structural steel

The furnace is continuous in operation using iron ore, coke, and limestone as raw materials which are charged at the top while the molten iron and slag are collected at the bottom and are tapped out at intervals. Cyaniding - Surface hardening of an iron-base alloy article or portion of it by heating at a suitable temperature in contact with a cyanide salt, followed by quenching. Steel deoxidized with a strong deoxidizing agent, such as silicon or aluminum, to reduce the oxygen content to such a level that no reaction occurs between carbon and oxygen during solidification. The duplex class is so named because it is a mixture of austenitic chromium-nickel stainless class and ferritic plain chromium stainless category structures. Equiaxed Structure - A structure in which the grains have approximately the same dimensions in all directions. When it occurs as a phase in steel, the chemical composition will be altered by the presence of manganese and other carbide-forming elements.
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Bending Basics: The fundamentals of heavy bending - The Fabricator

Direction in which metals have been caused to flow, as by rolling, with microscopic evidence in the form of fibrous appearance in the direction of flow. To prevent or at least reduce this cracking when bending longitudinal to the grain direction, you may need to use a larger bend radii. Fatigue - The phenomenon leading to fracture under repeated or fluctuating stresses having a maximum value less than the tensile strength of the material. An element that has an average atomic number of The development of the process has led to the present day Basic Oxygen Steel-making plants that account for bulk production of commercial quality steels in the UK. Etchant - A chemical solution used to etch a metal to reveal structural details.
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Banded Structure - Appearance of a metal showing parallel bands in the direction of rolling or working. These gage numbers have a definite relationship to each other. The sizes range in round stock from. Also known as bright finishing. Bridle Snubber - The roll above the bridle rolls used to thread the strip. If a vice is to be employed, then you must line the jaws with some soft metal, to permit a flow of the metal in the piece being tested.
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